Photo from Texas State Net Impact's Facebook page

Photo from Texas State Net Impact’s Facebook page

Texas State Net Impact events are what run the show


SAN MARCOS- The backbone of Texas State’s Net Impact community are the events and projects that drive members to use these experiences to make the greatest impact now and for their future careers.

Net Impact is a global volunteer-led program who take on social, economic and environmental issues, incorporating innovation and business, to make an impact for the greater good.  Each chapter accomplishes this through unique sustainability projects and events. Texas States’s chapter is hosted by McCoy College but welcomes members from all majors.

The Texas State chapter strives to be the best change agents they can be. Faculty advisor, Dr. Janet Hale, said their efforts are truly making a change in the world and our community. Their green Impact campaign that saved the university over $40,000 on energy bills was just one of their many impacts.

“In 2010, our university was told to reduce energy consumption by 50% by 2020. We conducted free energy audits to 54% of the buildings and saved them $40,000 in auditing fees and $70,000 in energy fees in 2012.” Said Hale.

Utilizing the experiences made throughout events is what it all comes down to in Net Impact. Texas State chapter president, Chris Benavides, said they’ve had the chance to work in the field with very notable players. These projects and events are the driving force behind the global Net Impact movement.

“Net Impact will give you hands on experience through top quality events and projects. Members are using innovation to make positive changes. No matter who you are, any one can join to make an impact, for that is what sustainability is all about.” Said Benavides.

Their award-winning chapter participates in initiatives such as Up to Us, reducing the national debt presented by Bill Clinton, Awake Aware America, blending technology and sustainability for “at promise” high school students recognized by President Obama, Circuit of the Americas, working with data collection and resource recovery at MOTO GP and Formula 1 and many many more.

The values of the global organization are at the heart of each chapter. Offering a huge variety of opportunities to choose from around the world, these events build members’ skills, abilites and connections to pursue their lifelong careers.

Some more Texas State Net Impact projects and events have include: ESPN, Summer X Games, Formula 1 USGP races, SXSW, ACL Festivals, KSMB Adopt a Spot and more. They have has also won many competitions, awards and events and is recognized as a gold chapter.

“What differentiates us is that we are completely project based, so any member is a project manager. In the future when you get ready to go to a company, they won’t want to know if you were an officer or if you sat in meetings, they want to know what you did.“ said Hale.

For more information about Net Impact visit their national site or Texas State chapter site.